PANA OLY approach vs CANIKON approach to mirrorless

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Not coming anytime soon it seems.

Amin Sabet wrote:

Likely we will see both Olympus and Panasonic implement both their own hybrid PDAF/CDAF systems before long.

I don't think it is coming anytime soon, as per last February Amateur Photographer's interview with Panasonic, at least for Panasonic. For Olympus, as long as they source their sensors from Panasonic, I don't see that happening either. The reason I think is that Panasonic don't presume tracking is an important important for m43, perhaps because of the inherent lags of systems with EVF. The issue is more important for Nikon and Canon, with entrenched base of lenses designed to be used with OVF.

Quote below:

Later, Inoue spoke about the company’s policy on autofocusing systems. Asked whether Panasonic had considered a sensor-based phase-detection system like that used by Fuji and Nikon, to help improve AF speeds he said: ‘We are investigating phase-detection systems all the time… but while phase-detection can be faster there are too many errors and the AF sensor alignment is not always accurate, even when the sensors are built into the imaging sensor itself.

‘We prefer the accuracy of contrast detection systems, and we are working on methods to make this faster rather than switching to a different system. We are researching ways to reduce the amount the focusing elements need to move (or wobble) to find the best focus position, and the algorithms that control this process. We are also trying to improve the readout speed of our sensors and the speed at which the focus information is processed so that any lack of sharpness is detected more quickly and focus can be found in less time. We are convinced that contrast detection is a better method for mirrorless systems.’

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