X-PRO1 vs X100

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Re: X-PRO1 vs X100 vs X10 with samples

For all of You who wanted to compare all Fuji X cameras.
I have all of them
Here you have the JPEG fine files, untouched. Standard settings except:

BASE ISO (100 @X10 or 200@X100 and Xpro1, VELVIA film simulation, Lowest NR possible, 5.6 aperture, JPEG FINE L (except one file for X10, DR400 M size for high DR - I like it!)
I had to make exposure correction -1/3 for X100 to have a similar look.
X10 is at widest angle, 28mm

Photo names tells You what is what:

My comments:
X10 is really good!
X100 and Xpro1 with 18mm have VERY similar in IQ
Xpro1 with 35mm is another league, much sharper.

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