T4i From Longer Term Rebel Perspective

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Longer Term Implication - in general I agree.

007peter wrote:

The Long Term implication of both hybrid AF and stm lens are huge.

In general I agree, but I would like to see performance results tests before thinking what the impact would be. Good news for videographers is that Canon seems to address its prformance shortcoming in this area. It still needs video processing performance (higher resolution and frame rate) and output quality (codec and sensor output) to address the competition, though.

I also think this new sensor is a precursor of what Canon decides to put in its long expected mirrorless camera. Even if its PDAF+CDAF speed using non-STM (older) lenses is not up to par with pure PDAF performance, I am sure it will be improved in the future.

Pure CDAF performance with dedicated lenses can be somewhat aleviated using a brute force approach (e.g. higher sampling rate), but pure CDAF will not be able to solve AF object tracking issue. I see PDAF+CDAF solution as more elegant. Fortunately for Canon and Nikon, Panasonic seems resolved to be using a pure CDAF solution, at least for the time being. This may give more time for the non m4/3 competitors to develop a solution with a potentially superior tracking performance.

A Canon mirrorless can be used as a solution when speed is not an issue but bulk and weight are. A mirrorless Canon body that can use current lenses would offer a more viable solution for those with existing Canon body + lenses than a completely different mount solution like m4/3. Those with existing lenses can use the mirrorless for an emergency backup that can utilize the EF & EF-S lenses, or a second shooter viewpoint or as a videographer in event shootings. In the meantime, the reflex solution would reign over mirrorless in situations where AF tracking and OVF are requirements.

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