D7000 backfocus fix cost (UK)

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Re: D7000 backfocus fix cost (UK)

Hi Mike

How did you test your lens for back focus? There have been 00's of posts where people were using the wrong focus distance (should be 30 - 50 times focal length), poor lighting, low contrast / not flat test targets etc. etc.

This is the basics of how Nikon will check / adjust focus and you could end up wasting your money. Proper testing will show up any errors in the AF but if your problem has just been in general use well there are many reasons for problems. Remember that the focus indicators in the view finder are not exactly matched to the AF sensors and so the camera is focusing correctly but not where you think.

There are people who post test charts on this site but I suggest that you look at the kind of set up used for professionally available lens calibration eg the Spyder Cal and go with that type of arrangement rather than angled test charts or batteries etc.

I am not saying that you do not have a problem but sending a camera in under warranty just wastes your time, out of warranty it will cost you money and I think, in these times of austerity, you need to be certain that you have a problem first.

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