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Re: hej Marla2008 ...

I'm not condemning your posts or anyone elses for that matter.
To each their own. We're all adults I hope.

I just personally don't post family pics or client's pics.

And I 've had issues with ppl "stealing" my work and putting it up on Stock sites.

It's very difficult to get those down. (you have to actively search the net) and in some cases file suit.

My answer was really to james1804, where he was saying his 20 year old daughter wouldn't pose for him.
I can very well understand her point of view.

Marla2008 wrote:

digifan wrote:

Maybe because she knows you'd show 'em off here.

I'd never put up a family pic in these shady annonimous forums, dpreview included.

I'm very conscious of never showing pictures that could be considered the least suggestive, but I don't want to be paranoid either. Sickos will be sickos, no matter how careful you are, hell those are probably enticing enough for some really twisted mind, but I'm not gonna let them dictate me how I enjoy my hobby.

I really understand your point of view and have discussed this at length with my family, so I'm no discarding your point at all. I'm just saying that my n°1 model is my pretty 3.5 yr old girl, and I really enjoy making the best portraits of her that I know of, and am proud to share them here when they're good. No potential thread of someone getting high on perfectly innocent pictures will stop me from enjoying my hobby.

I mean, if I go this route, next thing I won't get my kid out of my house, or she'll end up veiled ? Not a chance. But thanks for mentioning it, it's a very valid point.

james1804 wrote:

It sure helps to have a cooperative model! My daughter, who is 20, refuses to let me photograph her. It wouldn't matter if I had the PL 25 or the Oly 45 (I have neither, but the 45 is on the list), I don't have a model to practice on!

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