Did I get too close?

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Mr Physics
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Your captures are no joke....

...very well done. I'd be proud of them if they were mine as well. David has an unusually good rapport with winged creatures. It's like a "super-power" that he has. He's had more than a few (wild) birds sit for a portrait session. He smoozes with these guys and they'll pose for him. The only things that will ruin his super powers would be Kryptonite (of course) and a stray feline on the prowl.

All good captures (to both David and Patrick). I'm tempted to post one that I'm proud of but I'd have to post one from last year. I haven't had the time, luck or swiftness for a good capture yet this year.

Warm regards,

Demontis wrote:

...... at about 25cm subject distances here:



2 5 cm ! Now you brought me up to something

You must be very relaxed, maybe they think you are a tree or some ! The birds where i live are not very tame, there is always some distance to cover...i will have to change some of my tactics...
Beautiful captures and very motivating!
thank you


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