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Video IBIS with adapted lenses

fooddudeone wrote:

400trix wrote:

I suspect that we're looking at a paucity of processing power, not a bug. Its possible that algorithmic improvements could get more out of what's there, likely even, but I'm not holding my breath.

I don't think so. If IBIS-Video works for native lenses, I see why it wouldn't for Adapted lenses with a simple focal-length inputted manually.

You and else are making a mess of this all because you speak of different things without changing the subject according to what you are speaking of. Please don't mix things up. If you are reporting a new bug, answer to the original mail and indicate the bug in the subject line.

And, IBIS works for Stills with adapted lenses perfectly, just like the native lenses...so why not video?

It never states it doesn't work for video in the manual...so it's obviously something they forgot or a bug.

IBIS stills + native lens = works
IBIS stills + adapted lens = works
IBIS video + native lens = works
IBIS video + adapted lens = doesn't work :/

...this doesn't make sense at all and is surely a bug.

I think it makes sense if you think that video can be caught with zoom lenses. So probably that the firmware check what focal length is set on before adapting the IBIS consequently. If the lens doesn't communicate the focal length continually, then the body doesn't know how to handle IBIS, it lacks an important parameter.

IBIS stills + native lens : the body knows the focal length
IBIS stills + adapted lens : the body knows the focal length because you set it.

IBIS video + native lens : the body periodically checks the focal length and works.

IBIS video + adapted lens : the body can't periodically check what the focal length is, so it stops working. Of course the body could read the focal length you feeded, but if the firmware is made so that it will periodically try to get that info from the lens, then it explains why adapted lenses aren't working with video IBIS.

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