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Tom Hoots
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My NEX-7 jpeg settings.

edwardaneal wrote:

Please post your favorite settings for shooting JPEG's with the NEX-7 here along with samples if you have them.

1. I'm a JPEG shooter -- RAW couldn't interest me in the slightest. I take pictures for "fun," not in order to spend untold hours doing painstaking post-processing. You actually CAN edit JPEG files, and, if you comprehend the concept of File Save As, you won't "destroy" your original images. That said:

2. I've come to the NEX-7 from the NEX-5 and then the NEX-5N.

3. The NEX-7 "standard" color setting really doesn't float my boat, and I wasn't too happy with any changes I made to its contrast and saturation settings.

4. After a considerable amount of testing, it turns out that the NEX-7 "vivid" setting gave me what I was looking for -- just a bit more "pop" than the "standard" setting. Perhaps there's a bit more saturation than I really need, but I figure I can knock that down in post-processing, if I feel the need. But "vivid" seems to give me more of the kind of output I got from the NEX-5N at its "standard" setting. Finally, I do increase sharpness a step or two in the "vivid" settings.

5. A recent example:

6. Go ahead and look at the picture at its "original" size. I think JPEG can produce some pretty fine results.

Tom Hoots

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