Post your full body portraits with background blurred

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Post your full body portraits with background blurred

I have a canon 50mm FD f1.4 and rarely use it wide open (usually only by mistake) but even wide open it can blur a background in a full body shot...

M43 has enough background blur for half body shots at f2 and even at f2.8 you can see the effect for head and shoulders portraits.

Would like to be proven wrong by people that have for example Konica Hexanon 57mm f1.2 lens and such or 85mm f1.4 lenses in m43 land..

What is the minimum aperture size and focal lenght to have a background blurred in most situations (those where the background is very close to the subject are even difficult for Full frame).

Shallow dof is usually a penalty but not background blur that is good to achieve and easier to achieve for the same framing with a longer lens with a smaller aperture (for same framing, the same aperture will produce the same DOF but background blur with a longer lens will appear more pronounced because of the bigger magnification and less clutter compared with the wider lens).

Since I struggle with composition I know that the more blurred the background is the better are my portraits...

Could you post your examples of full body with full grown adults (with children its easier since they are shorter).

By the way since I have a 14-150mm lens I have noticed that around 75mm to 80mm with 5.6 the backgrounds are usually blurred enough for one people head and shoulders shot.

I have seen Sony minolta FF at f3.5 with a 135mm lens and so I´m hoping to see those examples with olympus 75mm f1.8 but its very expensive... would a 60mm f1.2 be more expensive?


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