3D Bloggie, 3D1, W3 Comparison: Outdoors

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Re: 3D Bloggie, 3D1, W3 Comparison: Outdoors

electrosim2001 wrote:

First off, very nice comparison stills, and excellent anaglyphs. For general stills the W3 is king without doubt. Such a shame that the Fujifilm's video is not on a par with either that of the 3D-1 or even that of the Bloggie 3D.
The wider io is very obvious and makes for exciting 3D stills.

For video, I do prefer an io around 30mm, but should Fuji produce a new W5 (?) with mp4 full HD 3D recording and maybe a slightly smaller io of say 50mm it would make a great addition to my equipment.

For a relatively small outlay it would be then possible for us amateurs if not to own a variable stereobase camera/camcorder, then at least we can own one, two or three cameras that would cover most situations. And cameras that can easily be carried around too.

P.S. Noted your comment re mp4 and AVCHD. AVCHD had always been interlaced until a new standard last year introduced progressive I believe. I presume AVCHD ( older i type ) was chosen by Pansonic for 3D-1's 3D video output so that the card could be easily read by their own brand Viera TVs and Bluray players.

For £400 the video quality is excellent, especially when you add in its excellent OIS, decent stereo sound and 4X variable focal length lenses, and finally note its tiny size.

I think some people forget that 3D is still a fairly niche bit of tech, so we are lucky that so many manufacturers have actually produced such quality gear for the smaller number of consumers that will be likely to purchase it, compared to those who purchase regular 2D products.

glueing two a590is of canon vertically with power stripe will get 52mm base. excellent photo-synch incl. flash and video if subject is not moving very quickly. less than 35km/h

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