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Re: Garry

Tim39 wrote:

Given your interest in reach for nature photography, David, I'm a little surprised you didn't mention the Nikon P510 or the Canon SX40. You'd sacrifice the great feel and manual barrel zoom of the HS30/XS-1, but both have demonstrated some very good looking long-range images.

Having briefly handled both in a store, I personally dislike their feel compared to the HS cams, and the two sacrifices I mentioned above would be biggies for me personally. That said, I dislike the feel of my ancient Panny FZ18 but have kept it after returning all manner of "superior" bridges and DSLRs because of the results it (rather effortlessly) returns.

Well Tim, that's just it, I would loose that great feel and manual barrel zoom, I am a die hard manual zoom sort of guy and I've never quite managed to get along with power zooms!

I'm sure the Nikon and Canon are fine cams for some, but I love the feel of the HS range, and the XS-1 that I handled briefly for the first time recently felt even better (the OMD with half grip and 75-300mm felt pretty good too!) whereas the Panny's didn't!

I have a similar problem with clay shooting, there are an infinite amount of shotguns to choose from and they all fire the same shells and can get the job done, but for me you just can't beat the balance and feel of a Browning that makes it all the more enjoyable!

A very personal thing for sure (each to their own and all that) and I except that I could probably grow to like them with time.

These forums are full of stories of people buying new cams and sending them straight back for silly little things that would not bother me or others, but we are a fickle race and know what we like and what we don't!

It must be a very difficult for the camera manufactures to cater for the masses, as they are sure not going to please everyone all of the time, that's what makes it so interesting here sometimes!

I bet that if the top 100 posters on dpreview were asked for a list of requirements to build a perfect camera, we would get 100 different cameras!!

Although I am still an amateur, I am getting to the stage where I'm trying to make my pictures pay their way, so an increase in IQ is required.

Jumping head first into FF is not my style, as I want to stay true to my "traveling light" ways. I'm in no rush either, so the XS-1 will suffice (when I get it) for a year or so and another trip to SA, then hopefully the m4/3 market will have some new models out (GH3 and OMD EM-7) and more longer/faster lenses (equivalent to HS and XS would be nice) to make it a viable alternative to a do it all bridge!
Exciting times ahead!

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