Going to Greece, take 100L or 70-300L?

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Re: Going to Greece, take 100L or 70-300L?

Hi from Greece.

Drachmas is a joke, there is no such currency here, its been 11 years since we joined the EUROzone.

In the 0.0001% scenario that we will leave the eurozone, there will be a sufficient transition period were both currencies will be acceptable. Actually strong currencies like USD and Euro, are accepted to a lot of countries althought they have a different currency. Even a lot of years in the future, if we leave eurozone, euro will be accepted.

So case closed, there is no reason to speak about that because it creates a bad confusion.

Now as far as security is concerned, Greece is pretty safe. Except from some dark alleys in the center of athens, islands and cruises and airports are very very safe. Of course common sense is a must, there is no paradise, dont drink ouzo in a beach, go to toilet, and leave your photographic bag unattended for 10minutes.

Your lenses are usefull, both lenses will be usefull, but i would pick the 70-300 if i had too, because you could do some nice portraits in the see, or while doing some sea-sports.

Rhodes, is very nice. Spend 25days there last summer. You will have a great time.

meland wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

I will carry Euros, but they also take Drachmas?

No Euros is the currency used in Greece and they don't take drachmas. Sorry if you were confused by my bad joke. However if Greece decides to withdraw from the Eurozone then who knows?

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