Bag for city travelling (=tourist photography)?

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Re: Bag for city travelling (=tourist photography)?

Well, I got to check out the Event Messenger 150 and 250 this weekend, and ended up buying the Event Messenger 150. The 250 just felt 'too big' when I was holding it, so I went with the 150.

My D5100 with the 70-300 attached, fits perfectly in the center pocket, leaving enough room for 4 additional small to medium sized lenses and/or other accessoires. The bag is a green-ish beige and is more attractive in person than the images on the internet suggest.

The zippered front pocket is big enough to hold my remote control, extra battery, cleaning cloth holder, Brush, extra memory card and pen or brush-pen with room to spare. With all this gear in the bag, there is still enough room for a pair of sunglasses and an MP3 player in the front pocket.

The bag has two expandable side pockets on the outside, they are flexible enough to hold a small water bottle or Gorilla pod securely. Larger water bottles will probably not fit as the side pockets are not very deep. On the back there is a deep pocket that can be used for maps, receipts or other documents.

The Padding is adequate, and the dividers are 100% adjustable, they attach securely to the fabric on the inside of the bag. The slot for the ipad/notebook is also well padded, and I would not hesitate taking one along in this bag.

If you frequently carry 2 or more large lenses (70-300, 20-70's or larger) I would suggest you take a look at the 250, the 250 is about 25% wider than the 150, and a little bit taller and deeper. Both bags are fairly light, but are well made.

The only cons I could find is that Lowepro didn't make optimal use of the available real estate, an additional zippered pocket on the inside of the flap would have been ideal for storing memory cards, filters etc. But alas, Lowepro did not put one there. The bottom of the bag is made of the same material as the rest of the bag, and does not have any kind of rubber or plastic 'feet'. Not a big deal, but you have to be careful where you place the bag when it is wet. You could always glue some pieces of rubber to the underside of the bag to fix this design flaw.

I've already used the bag on one hiking trip, and it is not too heavy, the shoulder strap is wide, and is covered with sticky material that holds the bag securely on your shoulder. I decided to use the plastic clip instead of the velcro to keep the flap shut, and access to my equipment is easy. The option to use velcro or a clip is ideal for wild life photographers, as you don't scare your subjects away by tearing open the velcro to get to your gear.

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