To Ipad or not to Ipad

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Re: To Ipad or not to Ipad

Should it be the the 32 GB or the 64 GB version? In any case it will be the wifi only.

Get the biggest one you can afford. Pics take a lot of room!

Once I get it and start surfing the web, will it load the mobile version of a website if available or is it just the normal site it uses?

This depends on the web site. Many today have mobile versions that they default to as soon as they see the User Agent coming from the browser. Many will also have a button to take you to the full site.

There are ways to fool it however, making the web site believe it is a different browser. The easiest way is to install an alternate browser on the iPad that lets you change the user agent. I have never bothered.

Oddly a lot of mac users change their user agent to iPad, so web sites serve up HTML 5 instead of flash!

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