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dnercesian wrote:

Interestingly enough, from the above quoted post, the most alarming and thus memorable words that ring out are, "Fuji does not endorse their products..." From a consumer's prospective, it really doesn't matter what words come before or after that. Sure, it has to be within REASON, but where does that REASON begin and end?

nicely done by choosing words from my reply then pulling it out of it's context. and for the record, the words after it do matter -- it's a difference between whether the product could have had the potential to be damaged by a third party.

Okay, if Fuji won't repair an x100 after you take it for a swim or dribble it like a basketball, I'd say that is within REASON. Having purchased it from a 1st user with no signs or proof of any abuse whatsoever, and with a known issue that took place at the hands of the manufacturer, well, that falls outside REASON for me.

this is the exact reason for voiding warranty on grey market in the first place. it's purpose is to filter out those who have the potential to mishandle products before they land in the hands of the customers (with poor packaging during delivery, yes, your X100 will dribble like a basketball).

and yes, handling requests from those who purchased from the grey market will take away the service level from fuji's registered customers -- those purchased from authorized dealers and who are required to followed policies to adhere to the local taxes/duties laws in their region.

and yes, it would be nice if fuji can service the grey market, but they won't. neither will any other camera maker, or any company out there.

and no, fuji will not be losing customers over this. neither will nikon lose customers over exploding d800 sensors, nor canon's 5DMK3 light leak problem.

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