Opinions on optimal settings/method on 5N to lock focus and recompose

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Re: Opinions on optimal settings/method on 5N to lock focus and recompose

Here are my settings:

In Camera:
AF/MF Select = DMF

Yup, except when using MF in some conditions (low light with busy backgrounds, moving subjects). MF + peaking is often faster than screwing around with AF and the touchscreen in certain difficult situations: when there is contrast everywhere (or very little contrast anywhere) then contrast-detect just doesn't know what to do, whereas you can be smarter.

Autofocus area = Center

When taking photos of people in low-light, I use multi to enable face detection, which can be very helpful.

Object Tracking = On

In Setup:
Peaking Level = Low
Peaking Color = Red
MF Assist = On

What I have been doing is put subject in center and half press the shutter button and tap the center of screen with my finger. Then I release the shutter button, recompose and then half press the shutter and fine tune the focus manually and press shutter completely. This works but for some reason doesn't seem the most efficient, particularly the tapping on the screen. Without tapping on screen, the main subject wasn't being tracked so when I would recompose and fine tune, the main subject wasn't locked.

You may not need the half press before tapping; you can try just tapping.

In general, the NEX will often fail to focus on the subject when there is contrasty stuff in the background. Sometimes, the touch screen can help. Sometimes, it makes it worse (e.g. if the subject doesn't have enough contrast, then tapping the subject will confuse the AF).

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