GF3-buyers remorse?? please help a beginner

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Re: Not Realistic asking a Buyer Remorse Guy to spend more $money$

I know others sort of mentioned this, but learning a bit about photo is not that complicated and it is quite rewarding.

My suggestion to you is to get into shutter priority mode set it to 1/60 at first, take a picture indoor (it will probably be too dark) and start increasing the ISO until it gets fine. Once that is done, have a look at the picture, if you find it looks good, you are set to begin (and keep on trying to slightly modify settings). Try not to use the zoom indoor.

If you find the image quality is horrible, then you will have 2 choices. No matter which choice you make, you will want to lower the ISO to an ISO which will give you acceptable image quality. Once that is done, your picture will be back to being too dark, choice one: increase the amount of light. Choice two: lower the shutter speed until you find it is fine. The biggest problem with the later choice is that kids don't usually stay still so you take a picture of them and they might be blurry­.

Remember we are in digital age, where you can get immediate feedback for 0$ of the picture you took. That in itself is a great tool to try and learn.

Come back and tell us what works for you.

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