X Pro 1 shutter lag?

Started May 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
kevin camera Junior Member • Posts: 42
Re: X Pro 1 shutter lag?

theNeverKings wrote:

I've been testing the XPro 1 at a local camera shop and I am not detecting any "shutter lag". I have tried using it in both manual focus mode (using the afl/ael button to activate focus) and AF mode. I may have had the shutter button "half depressed", similar to what I do when using my D90.

i think majority of the time it takes between depressing the shutter and writing the image is spent on AF.

i too, have a d90. in general the AF is much better on the d90... the AF degrades significantly when d90 is mounted to my 105mm f2 DC -- still a bit better than the x pro 1 though (not by significant amounts anymore).

well what do you know, we have a case of image quality VS AF speed again with my D90 as well , just like the x pro 1

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