How Copyright Registration Could Work Against Photographers

Started May 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
Rdefen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,509
Re: cross-referencing ...

Makes no sense to cross-ref that other thread. The threads have nothing in common other than both discuss copyright law so you may as well cross-ref every other thread that discusses copyright.

This thread specifically discusses section 505 and 412 of the Copyright Law. And most importantly how Richard gets 412 spectacularly wrong which leads him to his terrible idea that registration is a catch-22. Anything that dissuades photographers from registration of work they want protected is a real disservice to them. That a former executive of ASMP is saying it is embarrassing for that organization.

But it's a good lesson. Getting your legal info from non-lawyers no matter how well intentioned they may be is a very bad idea.

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