$700 fix

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Re: $700 fix

Trevor G wrote:

I assume that, by "grey market" you mean that this camera is not a genuine Fuji but is produced by grey-haired old people in some sweatshop in china. It's not a genuine Fuji camera, no?

no. grey market means that it was probably a product that was moved from its designated region of sales without fuji's consent.

eg. cameras are sold at lower MRSP in southern china vs japan due lower household income. therefore companies in southern china started shipping these cameras BACK TO JAPAN for sales.

one of the issues is with the shipping procedure. was fuji aware of how these companies got shipped back to japan? was there enough packaging? is there a way to ensure that these cameras were not tampered with once it left the hands of authorized dealers? these are all questions that fuji cannot answer once it leaves the designated sales region

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