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Fuji aren't checking purchase invoices for X10 sensor replacement

Photozopia wrote:

Seem to have missed the point here. Camera was purchased from original, first, owner - not Fuji itself. No-one is obliged to service second-user equipment based on traditional non-transferable warranty terms.

You seem to have missed the point also!

Fuji are currently receiving X10s for sensor replacement and, sensibly, not asking for purchase invoices or even purchase details (such as country of origin).

When I told the Australian service person that my X10 was purchased in the USA he was not interested - and when I filled in the service form there was no requirement for an invoice at POP.


Because the warranty is on the product, not on the sales system or even the customer. What a ludicrous thought that a manufacturer is no longer responsible for faulty or shoddy workmanship or design, just because the camera has changed hands!

Get a grip on reality, my friend - the quality of manufacture (and thus the warranty) does NOT depend on who the end-user is!

Reselling a camera does not make it more likely to fail. Reselling a camera does not change the quality of manufacture or design. That is what the warranty covers, and no manufacturer's warranty should be able to be invalidated by anything other than abuse.

Selling a camera would hardly be described as abusive treatment, would it??

Perhaps you and mr moonlight could get your trumpets serviced (they are both blowing some wrong notes at the moment) at the same music store and get a group discount...

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