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dnercesian wrote:

No matter where you sell your product, it's your product. Stand by it, or be known as a company that does not stand by their products. In terms of marketing and publicity, a field in which I know a bit about, I can tell you that it only takes a few people saying something bad, true or not, to brand a scarlet letter.

well, from fuji's perspective i think one of the biggest issues they have (or any camera vendor, for that matter) is the "shipping and handling" of their products when cameras are bought outside of their designated country. (hence, grey market products)

cameras are priced higher in japan than its adjacent countries and consumers often by from outside of japan to save money and also the potential local sales tax.

while it does have fuji's name on it, fuji does not endorsed their products to be shipped across the borders in an uncontrolled way. trust me. uncontrolled shipping CAN damage goods.

could shipping cause sticky blades? probably not. but fuji definitely wants to filter out all possibilities of goods that could be damaged AFTER it left the dealer and BEFORE it got to a buyer

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