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Re: $700 fix

Nice to see such a forceful consumer advocate speaking up...

Photozopia wrote:

Seem to have missed the point here. Camera was purchased from original, first, owner - not Fuji itself. No-one is obliged to service second-user equipment based on traditional non-transferable warranty terms.

General response in forum replies is those owners with original purchase evidence get SAB repair - both within and outside warranty periods.

I agree with you that bad publicity is easily acquired and currying favour is good practise, but Fuji - like most manufacturers - are not charities, and doing ad hoc repairs simply to divert complaint is their call - not something to be performed merely at the customers bidding.

Quoted instances like Canon 'repairing' mirrors are two minute DIY-style tasks. Try getting them to swop-out a sensor unit on a battered, 15th user, EOS 1D (for free) and see what answer you get ....

dnercesian wrote:

As an outsider (I don't own an x100), I'll offer my 2 cents for what it's worth.

No matter where you sell your product, it's your product. Stand by it, or be known as a company that does not stand by their products. In terms of marketing and publicity, a field in which I know a bit about, I can tell you that it only takes a few people saying something bad, true or not, to brand a scarlet letter.

In my opinion, Fuji has found a loophole by which to save money on repairs of a known defect. While they will help those who fall outside that hole, the money saved with those who fall inside makes a difference to Fuji.

No matter, it is still their product, still their defect, and it's them deciding not to stand by it. Period. Warrantee provisions help somewhat in a court of law, but never in the court of public opinion. In that court, those provisions often times backfire.

Real world effect? I can use myself as an example. I love my xp1 and I really hope we never find defects with it. Although I bought it here and have the receipt, I can not say that I have the utmost confidence in a company that plays these loop hole games. I did actually want to buy an x100. I don't need it, I just want it. That isn't enough though for me now. I won't be buying one.

Knock on wood for no xp1 defects like this.

By the way, I felt this way about Nikon too, that's why I use whatever I like and have no brand loyalty whatsoever. On the other hand, we have had such incredible experiences customer service wise and reputation wise with cuisinart, that we always buy their appliances.

Again, just my 2 cents.

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