Using multiple printers for print jobs

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I have Multiple Printers printing as follows:

Zone8 wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Are you able to send out ONE SINGLE multipage job and all your printers in your hub share the job by printing it?> I don't think so. And that is from my understanding of the OP's question, is what he or she wants to be able to do. Unless I misunderstood.

No - I did not say that - I simply indicated that multiple "print" commands, selecting relevant printer for each, works fine. As it takes but seconds to send the same file to different printers, one after the other, the time for doing that is somewhat irrelevant compared to being able to print using whatever number of printers to share the same job. How long, after all, does it take to click File, Print, change printer and hit OK? In addition, even that quick routine can be speeded up using a PRINT icon.

Some geniearse programmer could probably write some script to make this happen but I ain't going to wait around for that possibility to happen!

I suppose it could be possible, in say PhotoShop, to record an action for each printer but then, finding that on the menu compared to the above simple, fast, routine would probably take longer in real terms .

Hope that clarifies.

As this is such a simple procedure - and fast - I honestly think it hardly merits trying to find something else to do the job for anyone. As I have used this for several years - I know it works and use it regularly to save a lot of printing time.

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Splitting one large number of pages for a single print job (for example) to print pages 1-40 on first printer, 41-70 on second, and 71-100 on the 3rd probably would not always be practical. However, as discussed; printing the same job (for all pages) on more than one printer is rather easy. Sometimes when I have many Photos to be printed (using Qimage) I load the first group to be printed on printer 1, then as soon as that group is through Spooling, I can load the 2nd printer with the second group of (either the same or different photos) and same as for first (regarding as soon as spooled) I will load the 3rd printer, then the 4th printer.

All four printers will be printing the assigned group of photo for each printer and the throughput time for completing the complete job is much faster than if using just one printer.

I use a Laser printer for my various TEXT type and for non Photo Printing and can also have it loaded and printing during same time as the other 4 printers that is using Qimage.

I have never known of software (or Print Drivers) that automatically will (or can) handle the desired function as discussed and illustrated in the OP.

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