Help me with my list, please.

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OP RevolvingSheep Junior Member • Posts: 43
Re: Help me with my list, please.

You have done much more than mentioning Google and I thank you for that... and I was thanking other people who have helped me in other threads. I wasn't speaking specifically of this one.

Also, it's not so much me getting defensive over someone thinking that I am making a bad decision... my issue is with someone responding and criticizing outside information I have included in posts instead of helping me with what I posted about. Honestly, if the person or anyone else has an issue with anything unrelated to my exact questions and the topic at hand, why come in here and write such a long winded attack to a stranger they know little about?

Everyone has an opinion and that is fine. If I continue to come here, I suppose I have learned to not include a single word of information outside of the exact help I am requesting. I guess I can't help being conversational.

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