White balance: Photoshop vs Kelvin settings

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Re: White balance: Photoshop vs Kelvin settings

In CS5 try:

load 'source-colour-image' and image to adjust to these colours.
then Image--> Adjustments--> Match Color ... --> Source...

try tweaking the options better. (save / load statistics. etc.)

Regards, Kevin

Jarvis393 wrote:

Not sure where to put this question.

I have a cabinet shop. Over the years as I acquire new equipment or develop new skills I return to old customer's homes to re-shoot my some of these spaces. During the intervening years the customers redecorate. Sometimes they now have young children so the place is now childproofed or vice versa. Sometimes they finally get around to dealing with window treatments etc.

So what I end up with are some great shots from a long time ago and some great shots from right now. The problem is that the white balance is completely different in these shots.

I don't know anything about photoshop but am about to go down that rabbit hole.

What I would like to know is if I start shooting with a grey card then use that grey card to establish white balance in PS, can I use the settings from one picture to establish white balance in all the others? What I would like is for my green kitchen island to appear the same green from one picture to another and one year to another.

Can this be done in photoshop?

Failing that, if I shoot every job with the same kelvin setting would this achieve the same effect? Or do kelvin settings only control exposure?

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