Help me with my list, please.

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Re: Help me with my list, please.

I respect this place more than anywhere else to get advice when it comes to digital photography, however these sort of responses are really pushing me away. You know nothing about me and what I'm doing save for a scarce bit of info you have read here.

In my first post or any others posts in this thread, did I ask anyone advice about my business? I did not... and I did not come here to discuss that. I simply listed the types of photos I will be shooting and asked for advice on the gear I would need. I figured some more background info would be helpful, but apparently you and some others here pick out this extra info in my post(s) and focus on that instead of the questions I am asking... instead of help I am requesting.

In other threads I have posted, I get jumped on for this and that instead of people offering true advice and answers. I get a response like "read a book" or "use google." Is this not a photography forum? Is this not a place to discuss everything about it? Is there not a beginners forum specifically for beginners to move into more advanced work?

Maybe I misunderstand the purpose of this place. It seems clear to me what it COULD be used for, but posters like you really ruin the experience.

I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who have truly helped me out with what I needed.

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