where is 24-70 mk2? its like watching paint dry

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SchnellerGT wrote:

I think Canon is being pummeled from all sides. First, from Nikon on all fronts and now by third-parties like Tamron with its 24-70 VC. I think Canon knows that their new 24-70L MKII baby is a non-IS dud relative to the price of the Tamron. They simply don't know which way to turn. Otherwise, the MKII would be in the hands of reviewers by now.

I have had several friends recently ask me to recommend equipment. And guess what? In all cases I've recommended Nikon. I'd ditch Canon too right now if I could and would never look back at this HORRIBLY managed company.

Agree.......the 24-70 II, which seems to be taking forever, is a disspointment in that IS was left out. Considering IS really is becoming something of a standard option, if it already hasn't, the lack of it's inclusion on this upcoming lens is downright negligent. For a zoom lens, it's one of those inclusions that in this day and age, let alone economy, if it's not there combined with the high asking price, the lens begins to look like a mistake.......even greed. I currently have the first version and it's a great lens, but IS comes in handy when the situation(s) call for it, and they do come up. The lens is certainly on my radar, BUT without IS, the IQ will need to be something of a miracle..........something of a Godsend, for me to plunk down the kind of clams Canon is asking.

Photography, like many other hobbies, persuits and art forms, is first and foremost about having fun and exploring.

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