Copy vs. Clone -- what's the difference?

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Re: Copy vs. Clone -- what's the difference?

Basically, I'm just getting a new computer, and was going to use a SATA-USB housing to move/copy my data drive from the old PC (500gb internal) to the new computer's internal disc (2tb). Wasn't sure if I should just drag n'copy thru Windows Explorer, or bother getting/using eg Easeus Todo and use the 'clone' function?

My first impression was that a clone would inherently bring over all fragmentation (and any other kinds of garbage) that may now exist on the old (5-6 yrs data drive), while a copy would not. I hadn't considered though the timestamp issue, but with photos at least, and using Lightroom, I don't think (?) would be a problem relinking the new location of photos with my catalog.

joey_B wrote:

Copying is done to files, and it alters the datestamp and permissions on the resulting file. Cloning is done to parts of harddrives, and it makes a 1 on 1 copy of that part of the drive. Both have their advantages, depending on what you want to do with the result.

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