Critique needed on the garden picture

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Re: Critique needed on the garden picture

I can’t keep up, a couple of new pics and threads!

Thanks for the kind comment Mike, perfection would have been Alice being a ten year old in a red dress, pigtails and shiny black shoes, and running… but I don’t happen to have such a picture.

I’m learning Photoshop (Elements) and am probably at page two of the 100 page manual, if you see what I mean. I got away with it here because I made the image low resolution; if it was high, you’d soon see the difference between an expert and my efforts; but, whatever, it showed what I had in mind.

Focusing and depth of field (the distance over which an image is deemed to be “acceptably” sharp) is a complex subject, but crudely, the closer the subjects, and the greater the focal length and the wider the aperture, the more critical the focus and the narrower the depth of field. It is easy to misjudge this when you try to get a nearby foreground in focus together with a background a bit further away than you think. Googling this topic will keep you amused for a few hours!

I’ll switch to your part 3 thread for comments on your new picture.

Larry Wallis

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