Weird light bleeds, Nex 7 + Zeiss 24mm

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Re: Weird light bleeds, Nex 7 + Zeiss 24mm

What lens are you using? The kit zoom?

As some said, shooting to the sun is never good and some quirky things appear. Sometimes those things are cool, and can add to the photo (as a JJ Abrahams movie) but most of the times they are distracting and not wanted.

Of course no filters. Thats a must. Unless they are really really expensive ones, they will do a lot of harm (I know, you say you are not using them). Second, the lens shade helps, but only for light coming from the sides. If the light is directed at the lens and part of the frame, as it is in this shot, the shade doesn't help at all.

Finally, because of the direction of the lights, I doubt it is just flare. Flare generally goes to or from the light source, or makes rounded circles around the light source. In this case it is straight lines that have nothing to do with the sun. I doubt it is flare.

Im almost sure it is the electronic curtain. Try disabling it. This is a sensor related, but not a problem of your camera. Mechanical curtain will work a lot better with this kind of light. One question, do you see this "flare"on the live view/viewfinder? Normal flare is shown in the viewfinder, but sensor related artifacts wont until the process of capturing starts.

M Powered wrote:

This is a native E mount, no adapter was used. I can see the weird flare lines in the LCD prior to taking the shot.

franzel wrote:

In case this is an adapted 24mm -

If you can replicate the issue, you might try and cover the lens adapter for some shots of the same scene, in particular the release pin .

If that doesn't help, check if there are any shiny/blank parts inside the adapter.

It doesn't look like regular lens flare to me .

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