RX100 new review . . . looks good!

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Re: RX100 new review . . . looks good!

I read once that manufacturers set the floor for their base ISO based on where the sensor performs the best. It was probably a conversation about the original NEX' as they had a base ISO of 200, and some people wondered why it could not have had a base ISO of 100 or lower.

The gist was that after a certain point setting the ISO lower than a certain value actually may have no effect or even a diminishing effect.

So why would you then go and now provide that option (as an option) to users? I think it has to do with the lens on the RX100. It is a pretty bright lens that many people may want to use opened all the way up to f1.8 quite a bit (for creative reasons such as to achieve subject separation and utilize bokeh in the composition). If you have ever tried to use a bright lens, wide open for this purpose in any kind of a bright environment (say for example the beach), then you know that (depending on your cameras capabilities), you will often quickly run out of shutter speed to account for the overexposure. In most cases that means using an ND filter to cut the light in order to get the proper exposure. However without that ability (such as on a pocket cam, which usually don't take filters, nevermind the fact that most people that use pocket cams would never use them anyway), lowering the ISO below that prescribed by the "base" ISO would be a way to get the exposure to be correct.

So perhaps that is why they refer to it as "expanded".

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Elaka Farmor wrote:

zorgon wrote:

Why are they using the ISO 80 pictures for the RX100 when the base ISO is 125?

It's bound to be losing something by expanding down to ISO 80.

I don´t understand why iso 125 is called "base iso" when you can choose iso80?!

"The maximum apature is F1.8 but you can expand to F1.2......."

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