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Scott Oberle wrote:

Not trying at all mean, but this camera does require great technique. Sturdy tripod or high shutter speed, f9 or wider, cable release, mirror lock-up, etc. It is by no means a snapshot camera...
Scott Oberle

Scott, you are mistaken. Under identical conditions the D800 will always produced the sharper and more processable image.

The conditions you state are required if one is going to make very large prints or do extreme amounts of cropping. Such requirements are 100 percent imposed by the intended product and are unrelated to either camera price or sensor resolution.

In fact, with regard to small f stops, the D800 brings unique advantage. The onset of diffraction softening is gradual and varies by color channel (primarily due to the ubiquitous in DSLR's Bayer matrix capture). The D800's very low noise, unprecedented resolution and almost unprecedented dynamic range allows a previously unachievable degree of post processing sharpening. Photographers who need to shoot high depth of field photographs should be estatic.

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