A touch screen??? What is Canon smoking?

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my take on such things...

I do agree with you...even from a practical standpoint if one were to assume that there was some sort of advantage in having a touch-screen on a dslr, the fact remains that the screen is tiny, tiny, tiny (about half the size of a smartphone's screen).

In the 1980-1990's, refrigerator manufacturers went nuts adding "features", such a built-in TVs, bar code scanners with Internet connectivity (to semi-automatically track and re-order the same stuff you had in there before --- how many people REALLY want the 'fridge ordering stuff?), etc. It is all basically eye-candy to attract (and distract) people who aren't serious about something into spending more. NONE of this sort of thing improved the results of the primary functionality of the device...it was just a "would you like fries with that?" marketing add-on sale.

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