How to shoot fireflies?

Started Jun 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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JMCO OP Senior Member • Posts: 1,098
Probably, impossible

I've come to the conclusion that taking long exposures of fireflies firing off on the lawn is the hardest photography assignment there is.
The subject:

  • Comes out in very low light, that gets lower fast. So the exposure is changing minute by minute.

  • The subject is very small. Macro.

  • The subject flies around in random patterns and is invisible to the human eye until

  • It lights up, but just for second.

  • They tend to cluster in groups but the groups shifts position constantly.

  • The bio-luminescent light is so minimal, it is hard to pick up on film or sensor.

I think it might be possible to shoot clusters of fireflies in a controlled environment but, that is different from a grassy suburban lawn in summer!

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