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Re: Why not the Fuji... ?

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drummerman wrote:

The OM-D, i'm sure, is a capable camera as is the XPro-1.

If outright speed and large lens choice is not an issue then the larger sensor coupled with what looks like very nice quality Fuji Glass should give excellent results. The lenses are fairly fast and the camera lacks, as far as I know, an AA filter so detail should be first class as was bourne out when it was tested recently against Leicas M9 and Sony's NEX7.

I personally wouldn't discount either and get a hands-on feel with both, possibly some shooting too.




The above is a link to one of the better (imo) photographers on this site. You can follow him on the Fuji forum if you are interested. If you have any questions I'm sure he will try and help as he has done so for me. I am not a Fuji user by the way.

Well, but all the subjects or almost all (there was one portrait) are motionless subjects, where you have all the time needed to ake a picture. So I don't think it proves anything in relation to the OP project. It would be more usefull for him to hear from Ray Sachs, who uses both and does mainly street photography.

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Someone that uses both cameras is obviously a better judge than either a person that uses only one or worse, none of them as in my case.

I just tried to put over that things may not be that clear cut, depending on what you need.

I would also like to think that the Fuji, although obviously slower than an OM-D, is probably not THAT slow that street photography is out of question. It probably is not that good for sports photography but if that is important, a DSLR is probably better than the Olympus still.


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