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Re: Price Point and Competition

It's quite amusing to think the S100 has barely been on sale for more than six months and we are talking about it's successor.

For me the overall focus performance of the S100 needs improvement.

The ridiculous ISO 80 limit on shutter speeds slower than 1 second has to go. This dramatically reduced the versatility of the S100 to me right from day one. It also diminishes the perceived high end compact credentials of the S100. Canon could fix this in an instant with a firmware update but appear to be rather stubborn on the issue.

A small ergonomic improvement. I'd perhaps like the shutter button and mode dial to swap places so that I do not have to reach my finger over the mode dial to reach the shutter button.

RAW available in auto mode too, should you want it.

When in video mode, I'd like the main shutter button to also start and stop recording and not just the little red button on the back. Video frame rate should incresed from the feebe 24fps in 1080 recording.

Standard continuous shooting is poor and could do with Canon easing off the brakes a little. The S100 (and I assume any successor) is a DIGIC5 camera afterall and could easily be a little quicker than Canon have restricted it to. What would be even better would be if the the capacity of the HQ burst mode could be extended, doubled to 16 or even tripled to 24 shots that would be awesome.

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