Beercan plus cheap close-up filter

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I am a complete idiot!

@ SouthElginDad: The images are good and nice - but you could have made them without close-up lenses. A well shot macro image from the beercan is 4:1, sharp, colorful and contrasty by itself, with good DoF - the extra close-up lens can easily spoil that, IMHO.

So, I just went outside again to figure out what I did wrong, and it turns out that the metadata doesn't lie -- I was shooting at the minimum focal length and attaching a diopter to do what turning the zoom collar would have done! Best of all, I then posted the results of my ignorance on a very popular photography website for the entire internet to observe!

Well, I guess that's what this place is for. Thanks for your comments; without them I would never have known any better. For the record, I took another shot this morning which shows what the actual macro should have looked like. Needless to say, when it's done right it really shows the limitation of the cheap filter.

Here's what I thought was a macro:

Here's the actual macro:

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