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Fuji has come more than half way on this. Now, it's your turn. Follow the advice of the poster above and contact them in the spirit of trying to just get your camera fixed at a fair price, acknowledging it's partly your fault and maybe they'll fix it at a reduced cost. This is both Fuji's issue and your issue. You both have some responsibility in this mess. Can you see this?

I suppose I should have included my experience with another manufacturer - Canon.

Several years ago I purchased a used original 5d. I believe I was the third owner. Used the camera for a few years and one day during a shoot the mirror fell out. I sent the camera in to Canon for repair expecting to pay for a new mirror. The camera was fixed and returned to me at no charge. Apparently there was a known issue with the mirror and even after years of use, they just took care of it.

A few years later I purchased a used 1d mkiii. This purchase was a bit different in that there was a known issue with the AF mechanism in this model. I was aware of this at the time of purchase and there were "safe" serial numbers made after Canon addressed the issue. This body was in that group, indicated by a "blue dot" sticker on the box, the seller and I communicated about this.

I made the purchase and noticed immediately some problems with the AF. The seller agreed to take it back or cover the repair so I sent it in to Canon. Again, Canon repaired the AF mechanism at no charge.

In neither occasion did I have an original receipt or a warranty card nor was I even asked for it. Canon had a known issue with these bodies and even after years of use, they fixed them at no charge to me.

Is it unreasonable that I should expect the same from Fuji? There is a difference between what a company can legally do and what they SHOULD do. Canon could have easily told me to pound sand. They didn't. Guess what, my next camera purchase is a new 5dmkiii next month and these service issues are a big part of that.

But did you purchase a used gray market camera? There's a huge difference there.

Moreover, people experience in other countries was less than stellar.

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