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NOEL 100 wrote:

Walking around with the 30 that day was fun, it's so versatile. I shot everything from macros to the eagle in one leisurely stroll, nothing mind blowing but a whole lot of fun.

The main reason for posting was to put up some more samples for the curious. One thing I haven't tried yet is some "Sporty" type shots and some twilight evening shots. From what's been said these aren't the 30's strong points, it's going to be interesting.

Nice set, thanks for sharing.

I tried the 30 for a while as an upgrade from the HS10, and even though it is a much better camera in so many ways, I was hoping for a bigger jump in IQ and didn't get it!

When you accept their limitations (as with any cam) they are a very capable tool and the HS range are fun cameras for sure!

By the way, I think your eagle is an Osprey, and the second gull is a Turn (long pointed beak) and thanks for braving that storm, not easy getting shots in wind like that, creates some serious hand shake that most IS has trouble dealing with!

The Olympus OMD has recently sparked an interest in me for Micro Four Thirds, but the price is way too much at the moment. Looked at a cheaper alternative in the Panny G2/G3, and GH2 with a 100-300mm lens (200-600mm equivalent on 2x crop) as an alternative to the HS10/20/30, but for some reason didn't like the feel (really needed to spend more time there I know, and still a little short of the hugely useful 720mm lens on the HS) so am now tempted by the XS-1 (again!)

Prices have dropped around the £500 mark here in the UK, and it DOES feel right in the hand (I have long fingers) More rugged build and weather proofing should come in handy when traveling in remote areas and even though you loose a little at the long end of the lens for nature/bird shots (my main interest) the better IQ and huge EVF should make up for it!

Enjoy your cam,

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