First 28mm f1.8G review up

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Re: When people looking into charts more than photographs

"Consumer rules in my country doe not allow returning goods unless I can prove a very clear manufacturing or design fault. A cumbersome process.... "

Sorry to read - I thought everybody could return goods bought from the Internet within 14 days without reason, but I do not think you will have troubles in prooving this issue, if you want to return it.

I am very happy that I now know this problem - thanks to cameralabs and Lloyd Chambers, so I can make up my mind knowing what I do, because I could still want to buy this lens because of the lightness and I love this focal length.

But it would be so very fine to read how photographers (who have this lens) feel about working around this problem (using normal focus, because you can also work around it with live view) - is it too problematic or ..... ?

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