85mm 1.4D - newbie needs help evaluating lens sharpness

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Re: 85mm 1.4D - newbie needs help evaluating lens sharpness

So, please let me know your professional opinion. Is the softness at 1.4 within norm or not? Is there anything that I should be doing differently for better evaluation? I remember reading about something like aligning body with lens but didn't have a chance to find it in the manual. Is this something that I should do? I wanted to post this question to make sure I have enough time before return period expires. Unfortunately I can only allocate very limited amount of time for shooting/reading during the day. Appreciate your help.


I have the same camera and lens. Looking at your images I find myself thinking: "Yep, I would not be surprised by the same results". At f1.4 the 85mm/f1.4D lens can sometimes be a bit soft. The lens really shines at f8 — like most lenses.

You might try the lens allignment function on the camera, although I am not sure it is going to help you much: it does not look like at f1.4 there is completely accurate focus anywhere. The lens allignment simply moves the focus a bit forward or backward. But if there is no complete focus to begin with anywhere...

In any case, the lens alignment function is in your camera under Setup Menu > AF fine tune.

I'd be curious to hear other responses to Vadym's question. I am actually considering exchanging the lens for the 1.4G or the 1.8G of the same focal length.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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