Niagra Falls 2012

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rpm40 wrote:

Shawn1971 wrote:

Thanks, Back home now.
I did take hundreds of pictures.

I never used manual mode before this past weekend, so setting up Aperture and shutter speed were very new to me.

After about an hour I realized you can't take pictures like the one I posted in Daylight... Someone near me with a SLR camera explained to me as I was trying.

That said, I took a ton of pictures, including a few using the Starry night setting which turned out really cool.
Here is a link to 1 here:

It's a nice shot, good job! It makes me want to head up to the falls, as I live about 15 minutes away.

As far as shooting this type of photo in daylight, you'd want to get a ND (neutral density) filter. It screws on over the lens and reduces the brightness of the light, allowing long shutter speeds for nice daytime shots. Your camera takes 52mm size filters. Panasonic makes their own ND filters that aren't too expensive. You can also get pretty nice ND filters from Hoya or B+W for about $20-25. Heres a link to B and H showing their Hoya and B+W ND filters in the size you need:

They say 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, etc. That tells you how much light they block, with the higher number being the more effective. I would get at least an 0.6 for what you are trying to do, or maybe a 0.9.

Happy shooting!

Thanks for that info, I didn't know you can do that!!!!!
I will be placing an order soon.
Thanks again.

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