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Re: They no longer list a phone number and

Hi Zvadim,

Sorry to hear that you feel this way, we are trying to do our best NOT to screw your guys over. We reached out to the community for help, because we just can't afford to pay for hosting anymore. And if we didn't do it, site would be shut down, and the all will be lost, which we don't want to.

We discussed with our hosting provider, and they are allowing us to shrink down our database foot print, and we just need to figure out whose stuff to keep. So, if everything works out, we will stay online and we will keep providing out service.

Sorry if you feel bad in any way. We didn't expect that membership revenues would fall down so fast.

If you want, I can give you a call and give you some details on what's going on.

zvadim wrote:

I've prepaied through 2015, way to screw over you paying customers Fotki...

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