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Re: It has MIRROR...technically not a mirrorless

rbattsall wrote:

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muddyfunster wrote:

the pancake is also interesting

It's a f2.8 ! (...with and an odd focal length for APS-C).

There is an odd thing about pancakes in the compact large-sensor world. Why is the Pana 20/1.7 still unique in terms of speed and quasi-"normal" focal length?

My brief potted history of pancake fixed and interchangeable lenses from vague memory is:

  • Sigma DP1/Leica X1: semi-wide f2.8 lenses, certainly too slow and a bit wide

  • Oly launch the first Pen with a 17mm f2.8 - too slow

  • Sony go to an extreme with the NEX wide-angle f2.8 that seemed to me a cycnical - marketing trick to make in-store displays attractive "compact"

  • Panasonic make the breakthrough with the 20/1.7

  • I think Samsung have an f2 NX pancake and the Fuji X100 has an f2

  • Nikon follow the "marketing trick pancake" model with a somewhat pointless 28mm equiv f2.8 for the 1 System; no wider and 1/2 stop faster than the kit zoom.

A normal fast pancake prime seems to me one of the killer features for any large-sensor compact. It has been a major success for Panasonic, and was certainly the key reason I bought a GF1 body at launch. The 14-42X is also unique in compactness (I guess the new 1" Sony has a comparable fixed lens now). This Canon pancake seems to me nearer the "useless marketing trick" end of the scale than the compactness/speed/utility level of the 20/1.7. Why can no-one else do what Panasonic did?

If you believe the rumours, Canon will launch a mirrorless with sensor size very similar to m43. This new Canon pancake will fit the new mirrorless body - it would be very unlikely it didn't as the lens is designed for CDAF, it would be approximately 80mm f2.8 equivalent, which makes a bit more sense especially given the compact size.

The equivalency police will soon comment on it not really being a f2.8.

Maybe we can export some of the equivalency police to a future Canon mirror-less forum.

For the record I do understand equivalence. Please don't explain again

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