OMD Black VS Silver

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Re: OMD Black VS Silver

How it looks is a very subjective assessment. Some like wearing orange, others more subtle colours, etc. I think some of the silver lenses on a totally black body looks too strange, eye-catching, but not exactly beautiful. Your picture of the black body was shot with the lens mostly dark. In a bright daylight, I think that silver lens on a black body will look quite weird, although some might the attention that attracts. The silver body does look a lot more retro and You got to make sure you yourself will be happy.

There are things that are not subjective.

1. A couple of reviews mentioned that the black leatherette is more slippery, e.g. Fotopolis specifically recommmends the silver one for that reason. Considering that it is a weather proof camera that may be used in a rain, that slippery covering could be an issue. It may never happen, but all it takes is one slip for an accident.

2. Resale value, if you ever want to upgrade to a E-M6 or GH3, etc. I suspect a used camera in the silver and retro looking one may sell easier, being more like a classic and collectible in years to come.

3. A black camera would be hotter, but that may not be an issue if you do not use it in very hot conditions.

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