Modern film scanners

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Re: Nikon Coolscan scanners

You don't need the legacy Nikon software. And no reason to buy a dedicated old Mac just to run it (if you're going that direction, then buy a used Howtek drum scanner and software with an old Windows pc to run it.)

Vuescan supports numerous scanners including all the older Coolscans. It's arguably better than the old Nikon software and is current. A pro license also gives you lifetime upgrades. Vuescan can be used for multiple scanner models, the licensing is not specific to a particular model of scanner.

Silverfast also supports the Nikon scanners. However, it's more expensive and is scanner specific (i.e., one license per scanner model.)

Both software programs are very good and both support all current operating systems, including the very latest Lion 10.7.4.

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