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Re: Topaz PhotoFXLab

I purchased photoFXLab but cannot open the program.
IS it only me?

Every time I try and open it my internet icon lights up, does this program require the internet to run?

I have tried uninstalling it and even re downloading the program and restarting the computer but still no luck. The program is big, over 400mb so with all of this downloading trying to get it to work I have used all my allowance for the next 10 days which is a little inconvenience and I am now running on my back up dial up...ho hum.

All I get is an ‘Error Report’ message when I try and open it and there is no sign of it in photoshop, should it be on the filter tab like my other topaz plug ins?

Does it come with a key like all of my other Topaz plug ins?...I don’t appear to have got one.??
I have windows XP and CS3

Harrrr, I see I have a message from Topaz saying they have issues with it and are going to re hack it.
Thanks Topaz I look forward to getting the fix and hope it works for me.
Kind regards

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