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Re: Nikon Coolscan scanners


G4 Towers run 10.4 very well and keeps Coolscan happy. The over option with the Nikon scanners is to use Vuescan or Silverfast. I've used Vuescan and it works well on Snow Leopard. Haven't test it yet on Lion, but the gent who develops Vuescan keeps it current and I'm sure it will work well under Lion.


Photozopia wrote:

Buy an old B&W G4 tower - cost you next to nothing - happy to run 10.4 all day long!

JohnParkyn wrote:


I have wo Nikon scanners... the 5000 for 35mm film and the 9000 for medium format film. They indeed do produce very good results. The problem is that they don't work optimally with modern Mac OS software... Nikon abandoned Coolscan software development a few years ago...

ICE, a method within the software, of "cleaning" imperfect negatives does not operate on batch (group) scans... It'll work, for instance on the first neg of a 4 or 6 strip, but kicks out for the subsequent negs.

One-at-a-time scanning is a nuisance in that you need to be near the machine to reset the settings after each scan... You can't leave the machine and return after 20 minutes or so and proceed to the next strip.

I am now trying to put together a "legacy" system that will run Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) which is apparently the last OS to be completely happy with the Nikon scanners / software.

I had considered asking a tech person to partition the drive on my modern MacBook Pro, but it seems that modern machines / OS will not tolerate Tiger.

I welcome any corrections, suggestions, solutions to what I have written above.

THank you

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