Has anyone heard rumors about D400?

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Re: Has anyone heard rumors about D400?

I agree, I want a D400 so bad I can taste it! At the same time, I will continue enjoy using a great camera in my D300s.

Got an interesting incite today. Mark this down as interesting rumor/banter and nothing more. For all i know, this has been shared before.

Apparently, the intent for the D7000 was that it be the D300s replacement. Well into the design of the D7000, apparently Nikon reshuffled their design teams and the D7000 became more "consumer friendly." So it has become what it is right now, what most perceive as the D90 replacement. Reading between the lines, the implication is that the realigned team that is in charge of the D300s replacement got a later than ideal start on the design.

This with the natural disasters of last year makes a lot of sense to me as to why the D300s replacement is so long in arriving. My only hope is that with the apparent advent of a D600 that Nikon does not forget us high end DX users... I really want a D400 by the end of the year...

So, for what its worth, maybe we will get that dream DX camera we all want... Here is hoping!

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